Honda Australia has announced pricing, key features and specifications for the cutting-edge hybrid Honda NSX supercar, ahead of its arrival into Australia.

“The all-new Honda NSX brings Hypercar technology to the Supercar category, as the first hybrid supercar on Australian roads,” said Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins. Already establishing itself as a global halo performance car for the brand, Collins said five dedicated Honda NSX dealers in Australia would soon start accepting applications from prospective customers to buy one of the world’s most technologically advanced supercars.

“As a hybrid technological tour-de-force, the all-wheel drive Honda NSX challenges perceptions about what constitutes a supercar, just as the original did,” he said. “With an extraordinary breadth of ability, the Honda NSX offers scintillating track performance, along with unsurpassed everyday usability,” Collins said.

The Honda NSX will have a Recommended Retail Price (RRP^) of $420,000 and comes standard with almost all the options boxes ticked. The car will be available in a range of eight exterior colours and combination of four high-quality interior trims. A choice of three solid exterior colours are available as standard, with three additional metallic colours available for $1,500. The Honda NSX also offers the latest in Andaro aerospace technology with two premium colours, including the hero Valencia Red Pearl, for an additional $10,000. 

Collins said the Honda NSX would play an important role in Australia. “We’ve seen the renewed positive interest in Honda from the Australian public with the arrival of the HR-V and just-launched Civic,” he said. “The arrival of the Honda NSX is an important signal to our Australian customers that Honda is truly a technology and engineering company that can deliver not only efficient, well packaged small cars, people movers and SUVs, but also a high-performance hybrid supercar.”

Already, some Australian customers have been in contact with dealers and paid deposits for the Honda’s hybrid supercar, he said. “Many have read the positive reports about the Honda NSX in overseas publications and were prepared to put money down, without even driving it,” he said.

In Australia, only five Honda dealers will be able to sell the Honda NSX.

The five dealerships are:

  • Yarra Honda (VIC)
  • Scotts Honda (NSW)
  • Austral Honda (QLD)
  • Nordic Honda (SA)
  • Burswood Honda (WA)

Honda Australia already has one Honda NSX in the country to show prospective customers, which is currently undertaking a national ‘road-show’ so the five dealers can showcase the car until mid-October. Collins said the widespread interest generated overseas by the appearance of the Honda NSX at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK and the internationally known Pikes Peak race in the United States, had raised awareness of Honda’s newest supercar.

Because of its limited availability globally, the Honda NSX would remain a relatively rare car on Australia roads, he said. “It will be exclusive; so those customers who value such exclusivity will really appreciate the Honda NSX. It will be the must-have supercar in Australia among those owners who appreciate finely crafted automobiles.” In North America the car already has a two-year waiting list.

The Honda NSX arrives packed with luxury features and performance technology as standard, where many of its competitors must have high-cost options added to match it, Collins said.

“It’s arriving fully-equipped, for example we’ve made the carbon fibre exterior and interior packages standard, along with carbon-ceramic brakes. It’s a highly competitive supercar package,” he said.

Foremost among the many innovations in the Honda NSX is Sport Hybrid Super Handling All Wheel Drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD), a first-of-its-kind technology in the supercar arena. By combining this new interpretation of Honda Super Handling performance with innovative approaches to vehicle design – including advanced body construction, component packaging and aerodynamic optimisation – the Honda NSX faithfully translates the acceleration, steering and braking inputs of the driver with incredible fidelity and with instant response. It amplifies the capabilities of every driver, and greatly elevates the dynamic experience in every driving situation. 

Powertrain – Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

Powering the Honda NSX is the most intuitive and advanced sports hybrid power unit in the supercar segment. At the heart of the new Sport Hybrid power unit is a bespoke, mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V6 engine, paired with an all new nine-speed dual clutch transmission (9DCT) and Direct Drive Motor that supplements the engine with instant torque response. Together, these components comprise the rear power unit.

Amplifying the instant responses and dynamic handling performance of the Honda NSX is the front Twin Motor Unit (TMU), with two electric motors independently driving the left and right front wheels. By creating a propulsion system that makes use of both mechanical and hybrid-electric components rather than just a conventional petrol-powered internal combustion engine, the Honda NSX’s power unit is able to create constant and linear acceleration at any point in the power band, at any speed with instant response.

At initial launch from a standstill, the front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU) and the direct-drive electric motor are able to immediately supplement power production from the twin-turbocharged V6 engine, using the abundant and instantaneous torque production that is an inherent characteristic of electric motors.

Conversely, once the vehicle has reached a steady cruising speed, the twin-turbocharged V6 engine becomes the primary motive force for the vehicle, with the three electric motors providing supplementary power and yaw control when necessary. While the primary focus in the development of the all-new Honda NSX’s clean-sheet power unit was peak performance, efficiency and environmental sustainability were also important design characteristics. Therefore, the all-new Honda NSX meets ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV) requirements.

The Honda NSX’s Sport Hybrid power unit offers exceptional kilowatts and torque with a broad powerband for tremendous throttle response and acceleration. Total system peak output is 427 kW.

The all-new Honda NSX supercar has landed in Australia.

A sleek pre-production model arrived at Melbourne dealership, Yarra Honda. It will be showcased around Australia at the five nominated Honda Australia dealers who will sell the hybrid supercar.

The five dealerships are:

  • Yarra Honda (VIC)
  • Scotts Honda (NSW)
  • Austral Honda (QLD)
  • Nordic Honda (SA)
  • Burswood Honda (WA)

Some of the five dealers already holding expressions of interest in the NSX. Customer inquiries at other dealerships will be directed to the five Authorised NSX dealers. Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins, said the NSX would play an important role as a halo car for the brand.

“We expect the NSX to be a very exclusive car and as a technology and design statement, it represents the pinnacle of Honda automotive expertise,” Collins said. “It’s already gained rave reviews in other markets, providing exhilarating performance, handling and luxury in a supercar.”

The two-seater NSX is packed with the latest hybrid and petrol engine technologies and is built from a multi-material space frame, featuring extensive use of aluminum. Inside is a luxurious leather and alcantara interior, hip-hugging sports seats and driver-oriented cockpit controls designed to minimise potential distractions. The airy cabin is both functional and designed to ‘wrap’ around the driver and passenger.

Powering the NSX is a 3.5-litre twin turbo V6 combined with a Direct Drive Motor and two parallel high-performance electric motors in the front, which provide instant torque. The longitudinally mounted, twin-turbo, six-cylinder DOHC engine is rear mounted, combined with dual clutch transmission (DCT) and nine speed gearbox, developed specifically for the NSX. The combined output of the 3.5-litre twin turbo V6 engine and hybrid motors is estimated to be more than 425 kW.

At the rear, the Direct Drive Motor is housed between the engine and gearbox and enhances performance during acceleration, braking and gear changes. In addition, the front wheels of the NSX are powered independently by two parallel high-performance electric motors. Combined, the engines provide all-wheel grip.

Development of the next-generation NSX involved a global team of engineers and designers, with development of the Sport Hybrid power unit centered in Tochigi, Japan. The development of the body, chassis, electrical, interior and other vehicle technologies including total system integration, was concentrated in Raymond, Ohio.

The initial styling design for the NSX was conducted at the company’s Wako design studio in Japan, and was evolved for production by Honda’s Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles. The NSX is manufactured exclusively in the United States at the Honda Performance Manufacturing Centre (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio, where 100 production experts are responsible for manufacturing the full bodywork, paintwork and final assembly. Between six and eight are produced each week.

The Honda NSX goes on sale in Australia late in 2016 with pricing and full specifications to be announced closer to launch. Honda Australia last sold the NSX in Australia between 1991 and 2002 when it sold 280.

Honda’s luxury Acura arm in North America will campaign an all-electric NSX-inspired EV Concept in the Electric Modified Class at the 2016 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The NSX EV Concept features a further evolution of the experimental, all-electric, 4-motor Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) powertrain that won last year’s Pikes Peak Challenge Exhibition class.

The supercar-inspired NSX EV Concept will be driven by Tetsuya Yamano, who campaigned in last year’s CR-Z-based electric prototype. The NSX EV Concept is the ultimate embodiment of the all-wheel-drive Electric SH-AWD powertrain featuring a world’s first technology that enables four-wheel independent torque allocation.

The Concept’s Electric SH-AWD powertrain produces three times the total system output of last year’s electric prototype and is mated to the NSX body.

“We’ve been tuning the car for several weeks at Pikes and have advanced its performance significantly,” said Tetsuya Yamano. “We’re honored to be running at Pikes in this historical, anniversary year – an event respected by racing fans all over the world.” 

4-Motor Development

Honda R&D has been developing “super handling” technology for more than 20 years in the pursuit of ideal vehicle handling. By applying separate Twin Motor Units (TMUs), the brains of Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, on each axle, the NSX has achieved independent torque distribution to all four corners – true four-wheel torque vectoring. Based upon the learnings from last year’s race, the team updated the system management of the powertrain for more precise thrust at each wheel. 

The NSX’s unique Sport Hybrid SH-AWD technology utilises the highly responsive acceleration characteristics and regeneration capability of electric motors to further advance the torque vectoring systems currently applied to the NSX. The system enables ideal handling characteristics in various driving situations by co-ordinating and managing all dynamic systems, including Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) and Sport Hybrid SH-AWD. 

With its high-output electric motors and 4-motor torque vectoring, the Concept is well suited to the demands of the 156 complex corners the driver will encounter on the 19.9 km drive up Pikes Peak, Colorado. Participants start at an altitude of 2862 m and finish the drive at 4302 m.

The Pikes Peak event starts on June 26.

A pair of Honda NSX supercars will participate in the 100th Anniversary of the running of the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26, marking the North American racing debut of Acura’s next-generation NSX. The Pikes Peak hill climb is the pinnacle expression of Acura Precision Crafted Performance and the only supercar made in America.

The two NSX supercars will compete in the Time Attack 1 and 2 classes and will be piloted by brothers James and Nick Robinson, respectively, both from the company’s North American engineering team. In addition, an NSX-inspired prototype vehicle will campaign in the Electric Modified Class, featuring a further evolution of the experimental all-electric, 4-motor Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) powertrain that won last year’s Pikes Peak Challenge Exhibition class.

“Pikes Peak is like no other race in the world and offers a unique opportunity to showcase the power and performance of our products,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura Division in North America. The NSX will be sold in North America under the Acura brand. “We are excited for this year’s ‘Race to the Clouds’ to test the endurance and engineering of the Acura NSX and our advanced powertrain technologies – as well as an expression of our racing spirit.”

A team of North American R&D engineers has been working on both NSX entries, which feature the same three-motor Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive powertrain (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD) as the production NSX. This powertrain features a twin-turbo V6 engine mated to a 9-speed dual clutch transmission and Rear Direct Drive Motor, and a front Twin Motor Unit with a world’s first electrically powered torque vectoring capability in the supercar realm. Modifications to the NSX competing in the Time Attack 1 class included chassis lightening and a custom high-flow racing exhaust.

The NSX competing in the Time Attack 2 class is a production car with the required safety equipment for competition. The Time Attack 1 NSX will be driven by James Robinson of the company’s North American powertrain development group, who drove a first-generation NSX in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb from 2012 to 2015. His brother Nick Robinson, an engineer in charge of the new NSX’s dynamic performance during its development, will drive the Time Attack 2 NSX. Nick is also the reigning PP250 winner from the 2015 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

The supercar-inspired 4-Motor EV Concept will be driven by Tetsuya Yamano, who campaigned last year’s CR-Z-based electric prototype. The EV Concept is the ultimate embodiment of the all-wheel-drive Electric SH-AWD powertrain featuring a world’s first technology that enables four-wheel independent torque allocation.

The Electric SH-AWD powertrain, an evolution of the CR-Z prototype powertrain, produces three times the total system output of last year’s electric prototype and is mated to the NSX body. As Official Pace Car sponsor, Acura will feature three pace cars – the NSX as well as two North American Acuras, the seven-passenger MDX performance-luxury SUV and the TLX sports sedan. President of Polyphony Digital and Producer of the Gran Turismo series Kazunori Yamauchi and Pikes Peak legends Randy Schranz and Leonard Vahsholtz will lead the field of 100 entrants to the top of the 14,115-foot Colorado peak.

For Pikes Peak race attendees, the NSX and other pace cars will appear at a number of pre-race activities, including the popular Fan Fest in downtown Colorado Springs, on Friday, June 24.

To celebrate Honda’s return to Formula 1 and support of the 2015 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix March 12 – 15, Honda will hold the first public display in Australia of the NSX Concept vehicle.

Following the world debut of the production version of the NSX – a new sports experience – at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins said Honda is thrilled to be bringing the NSX Concept to Albert Park for Australia’s premier motorsport event.

“This is a new era for Honda in more ways than one,” Mr. Collins said. “The NSX is the rebirth of an icon and represents power, sportiness and efficiency. The NSX Concept will be the star attraction of Honda’s on-circuit display at Albert Park. There will be many fans of the original supercar who we know will enjoy this exclusive preview.”

Honda Australia will have a strong presence at the track and is looking forward to working with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to add even more spectacle to the event.

“2015 is a big year for the Honda brand, both here and internationally. This year heralds our return to Formula 1 in partnership with McLaren and the first race of the season is the perfect opportunity to showcase Honda’s exciting new products,” Mr. Collins said.

In the U.S, orders for the NSX can be placed from mid-2015, with customers receiving their vehicles by the end of the year. “We hope to start taking local pre-orders for the NSX in mid-2015, with deliveries to customers from 2016,” Mr. Collins said.

In February, Honda Australia will launch its highly-anticipated compact SUV, the all-new HR-V, which combines a sleek upper body with a stable and planted lower body to deliver excellent driving dynamics. The all-new HR-V is packed with features and starts at a Manufacturer’s List Price of $24,990*, representing outstanding value for money.

Honda is the world’s biggest engine manufacturer, a leader in automotive research and development, and consistently rated a top performer in customer satisfaction. There are more than 400,000 Hondas on the road in Australia and millions of happy customers worldwide.

* VTi model with flat paint, excluding Dealer Delivery and statutory charges