The restructuring of the Erebus V8 Supercars team is about moving forward, according to lead driver Will Davison. The staffing changes were kicked off by the appointment of experienced tech heads Campbell Little and Barry Ryan in the middle of April, with the team now streamlining its staff and procedures as it looks to build on the solid form that Davison has shown over the past three rounds.

“The team is going through a restructure at the moment,” Davison said. “That’s a good and a bad thing, a bad thing because it can be a bit unsettling, but a good thing because it’s all being done so the team can move forwards. Actions are being made and put in place to make sure we keep getting better. It’s about taking the team to the next step. We’re going through that process now, and there’s a good vibe in the team.”

Davison's unlikely win in Western Australia last month is helping the team focus its energy in the right area and also helps the staff develop a competitive edge. “We’re enjoying having some pace, there is a level of positivity around the place,” he said.

“People are happy to be at work, and everyone is competitive. The team needs to have the same competitive mentality as the drivers.”