The BMW i3 LCI and Sporty i3s

BMW Group Australia is proud to announce the i3 LCI and the sporty i3s will be available in dealerships nationally from January, 2018.

The updated i3 range features sleek new styling and an enhanced level of connectivity across the board, while the i3s brings a performance element to table for the first time, with more power and torque than ever before, as well as a SPORT driving mode.

Both the i3 LCI and the i3s will be available in two versions – Battery Electric Vehicle and Range Extender.

“The BMW i3 range has enjoyed refreshed interest since the upgraded 94Ah battery arrived in 2016, removing range anxiety,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Marc Werner. “Now the ground-breaking premium electric i3 gains new styling and technological updates, as well as the exciting i3s sports model for the first time. Customers now have a great range of i3 options to choose from.”

BMW i3 LCI and i3s range pricing*

BMW i3 $68,700*
BMW i3 Range Extender $74,700*
BMW i3s $69,900*
BMW i3s Range Extender $75,900*

Modified design for sleek, sporty look

A number of deft touches have been added to the i3’s exterior styling to give the car an even more striking level of visual appeal. The trademark BMW i Black Belt now takes in the A-pillars and roof lines, adding to the sleek feel of the updated design.

The range of exterior paint finishes has also expanded and now includes Melbourne Red metallic and Imperial Blue metallic. Alongside these new additions, customers can also choose from the non-metallic shades Capparis White and Fluid Black, as well as Protonic Blue metallic and Mineral Grey metallic.

The restyling of the front and rear aprons places particular emphasis on creating a wider, sportier look. A chrome-design trim strip running across the full width of the rear and the positioning of the model and eDrive badges on the outer edges of the boot lid serves to reinforce the impression of width.

The new BMW i3 LCI and i3s also come equipped with all-LED headlights as standard, which employ LED bulb units for dipped beam and high beam, as well as the daytime running lights. The new turn signal indicators also feature LED technology, and are integrated into the front apron in the form of horizontal strips. The new BMW i3s is available with exclusive 20-inch light-alloy wheels in double-spoke design, 20 millimetres wider than previously available. They can be ordered in the Bicolour and Jet Black finishes.

In terms of interior, the ‘Lodge’ equipment line is standard for the new i3 range, with the Loft style available as a no-cost alternative.

For the next level of interior ambience the Suite line is also available, featuring full natural leather upholstery. The Lodge interior design option includes a new covering for the seat surfaces in Solaric Brown, which combines natural leather tanned using an olive leaf extract with a wool-based textile material.

A new BMW i blue seat belt option provides a further splash of interior colour.

Emission-free fun at the wheel with sporty new power option

The new BMW i3 LCI comes powered by the proven 125kW electric motor package, with the 94Ah high-voltage battery. That means a range of 300 kilometres based on the NEDC cycle, or up to 200 kilometres in everyday use. The combined electric power consumption of the new BMW i3 LCI on the NEDC cycle varies between 13.6 and 13.1kWh for every 100 kilometres (depending on options).

The BMW i3s is powered by a sportier version of the electric motor package, with an updated drive system that includes modified motor control and specific taper roller bearings, utilised to further optimise power delivery and the performance curve at higher rpm.

That equals a power boost to 135kW, as well as increased torque (270Nm over 250Nm), a higher top speed (160km/h instead of 150km/h), and a 0-100km/h time of just 6.9sec (compared to 7.3sec for the LCI). The combined electric power consumption for the i3s is 14.3kWh per 100 kilometres on the NEDC cycle. The electric range runs to 280 kilometres based on the NEDC cycle, and up to 200 kilometres in everyday use.

The 28kW two-cylinder range extender petrol engine is available as an option for both the i3 LCI and the i3s, increasing everyday range by up to 130 kilometres.

A more dynamic driving experience with the i3s

The performance upgrades for the BMW i3s go far beyond the increased power. The sporty new model comes equipped as standard with sports suspension that includes a 10mm drop in ride height, with specially designed springs, dampers, and anti-roll bars. The additional 40mm track width compared to the i3 LCI is given added impact by the black wheel arch borders.

The i3s also features SPORT mode, which drivers can select with the Driving Experience Control switch. SPORT mode initiates more direct accelerator response and tighter steering characteristics, further accentuating the car’s dynamic feel.

Both the BMW i3 LCI and the i3s feature the further-optimised Dynamic Stability Control (DCS) system. This comprehensively revised, faster-acting traction control system guarantees confident handling under all driving conditions. The BMW i3 now features a globally unique form of wheel speed limiting that ensures increased directional stability, both under dynamic acceleration and on the overrun with strong regenerative braking.

Traction on wet roads has also been noticeably improved, with DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) mode helping boost agility at higher speeds and during sporty cornering, even allowing mild and safely controllable drifts when grip levels are reduced.

Improved iDrive system, better connectivity

Both the i3 LCI and the i3s come with iDrive6, the latest version of BMW’s ground-breaking operating system. This provides an intuitive interface for controlling numerous vehicle, infotainment, communications, and navigation functions. All BMW i3 models come equipped with the Navigation system Professional as standard, complete with a 10.25-inch Control Display that features an increased 1440 × 540 pixel resolution.

The voice recognition system has also been further optimised; with the use of Natural Language Understanding, spoken instructions can now be executed faster and more precisely when searching for music and phone numbers, or dictating eMails and SMS messages, for example.

New to the options list is optional Apple CarPlay preparation, which allows additional smartphone apps to be integrated seamlessly with the vehicle’s operating system. Uniquely, the BMW-Apple CarPlay interface is conducted wirelessly. The unrivalled BMW i ConnectedDrive system ensures intelligent connectivity through services specially tailored to electric mobility. The digital On-Street Parking Information search service, now available for the first time in the i3, works effectively with the Real Time Traffic Information system. Public charging stations and information about their availability can also be displayed on the navigation system’s map.

When route guidance is activated, data about the route is also used to calculate the range shown in the instrument cluster as accurately as possible. The range map provides a visual representation of the current operating radius. It is also possible to display the different ranges achievable in each of the Driving Experience Control modes.

BMW i-specific navigation features also include intermodal route guidance. This helps users to quickly and efficiently reach their destination by factoring in local public transport timetables and connections. Regular, automatic updates of the navigation data are now also provided ‘over the air’ in the BMW i3, using a mobile network connection.

The new services introduced in July 2017 under the BMW Connected+ banner, which enable a highly personalised and more straightforward display of information inside the car, will be available in the BMW i3 and BMW i3s.

These span intelligent route planning, including stop-offs at charging stations or petrol stations (Send my Routes to Car), sharing of the car’s current location via SMS and live link (Share Live Trip Status), personalised display of relevant in-car information (BMW Onboard), seamless transfer of route instructions to the customer’s smartphone or smartwatch once the car is parked (Navigate Door-to-Door) and direct syncing of contacts and addresses to the navigation system (My Destinations).

Future proof charging options

Equipped as standard with a Type 2 charging system, the BMW i3 LCI and i3s are designed to take advantage of the increasing DC charging infrastructure in the Australian market. In addition the i3 can accept three-phase AC charging for efficient replenishment at the home, office or public charging stations.

Condition Based Servicing

All maintenance requirements for the BMW i3 range are controlled by the Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system.

With CBS, sensors and advanced algorithms monitor and calculate the conditions in which a vehicle is used, including mileage, time elapsed since its last service, fuel consumption and how a vehicle is driven. Based on the information captured, maintenance requirements are determined, identifying whether an annual vehicle inspection or oil service is due.

Selected BMW service and maintenance costs can be covered by a single, one-off advance payment with BMW Service Inclusive (BSI), which is available in two packages: Basic or Plus.

*Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price is shown and includes GST and Luxury Car Tax (LCT) – if applicable, but excludes dealer charges, stamp duty, statutory charges and on-road charges, which are additional and vary between dealers and States/Territories. Customers are advised to contact their nearest BMW dealer for all pricing enquiries.