HAVAL has previewed its first plug-in hybrid ahead of its official reveal at Auto China 2018 in Beijing. Launched under the company’s luxury brand – WEY – the P8 is set to write a new chapter in the company’s history and represents the first model built on HAVAL’s new Pi4 (plug-in intelligent four-wheel drive) platform.

Combining a 2.0-litre petrol engine driving the front wheels, in tandem with an 85kW rear-mounted electric motor, the P8 boasts an impressive output of 250kW/524Nm and a zero to 100 km/h acceleration of just 6.5 seconds.

Power is delivered to a combination of front wheels (petrol), rear wheels (electric) and all wheels (combined) through a Getrag six-speed dual clutch transmission. Based on the WEY VV7 luxury SUV, the P8 measures 4765x1931x1655mm, has a 2950mm wheelbase and rides on either 20 or 21-inch wheels.

The bold lines of HAVAL’s first PHEV start with the wide-mouthed trapezoidal grille, and continues through the angular LED headlamps, flowing through to the fastback-inspired body and aggressive rear end dominated by the four exhaust pipes. The top-hinged tailgate can be opened automatically by waving a foot underneath the rear bumper.

Inside, the P8 adopts the VV7’s T-style console, angled purposefully toward the driver. The SUV comes loaded with luxury features, including panoramic sunroof, LCD instrument panel, premium sound system, 9-inch touch screen and leather seats with heating, massage and ventilation.

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to adopting the latest safety features, the P8 comes complete with autonomous emergency braking (AEB), forward collision warning (FCW), blind spot monitoring (BSM), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keep assist (LKA) and 360° camera. To aid pedestrian safety, the WEY P8 employs an aluminum alloy bonnet.

The PHEV system offers a 50 kilometre range on pure electric, 660 km range with both motors working in tandem and fuel economy of just 2.3 L/100km. Charging from a 220V home power point can be achieved in seven hours, or just four from a dedicated charger.

Auto China is one of the world’s largest auto shows, alternating each year between Shanghai and Beijing. Last year it attracted more than 800,000 customers. This year’s Auto China will be held at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing from April 25 to May 4.

HAVAL has unveiled its all-new H4 medium SUV, ahead of its official launch at Auto China 2018.

Based on the stunning HR-02 concept shown at Auto China 2016, the new H4 will be available with two turbocharged petrol engines – a 1.3-litre and a 1.5 – matched to HAVAL’s new seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The 1.3T engine delivers 102kW and 225Nm, while the 1.5 produces 124kW and 285Nm.

Measuring 4420mm long by 1845mm wide and 1695mm high, the new H4 rides on a 2660mm wheelbase. Inside, the new H4 features an all-new high-tech interior, including a floating 12-inch screen, LCD instrument panel and keyboard-style switchgear.

It will come equipped with a 360-degree vision system, lane departure warning, lane change assist, tyre pressure monitoring and front and rear parking sensors. It also features the new HAVAL Connected telematics system, which can be used for smartphone mirroring, emergency rescue, security monitoring and remote vehicle diagnosis.

At launch, the HAVAL H4 is only being produced for consumption in the Chinese market.

HAVAL has launched an updated version of its critically acclaimed H9 large SUV offering Australian families more features, safety, performance and economy for less money.

“We’ve worked very hard to deliver a seven-seat SUV that delivers for Australian families at the best possible price,” said HAVAL Motors Australia Chief Marketing Officer Tim Smith. At $40,990 for the LUX model and $44,990 for the Ultra, we’re very confident we have made a compelling argument for Australian families to test drive the new HAVAL H9. To sweeten the deal, we will launch with driveaway pricing of just $41,990 for the LUX and $45,990 for the Ultra.”

The new MY18 H9 boasts a raft of changes including:

  • Power increase (180 kW up from 160)
  • Torque increase (350 Nm up from 324)
  • New 8-speed ZF automatic transmission
  • 10 per cent fuel economy improvement
  • New centre console design
  • New instrument panel including digital speedo
  • New front end exterior styling

Upgrades to the LUX model include:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Sunroof
  • Electric anti-glare mirror
  • All-Terrain Control System
  • Electronic Differential Lock
  • Centre armrest power outlet
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Lane Departure Warning

The range-topping Ultra model adds the following features:

  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Comfort-Tek eco-leather seats with heating, massage and ventilation function
  • Infinity sound system
  • Heated second row seats


The MY18 H9 maintains the same rugged styling that befits the company’s range-topping model, with some subtle changes inside and out. Externally, the biggest change is the all new front end, with a five-bar grille replacing the previous three-slot design.

The lower air intake has been reworked for improved air flow into the engine bay and the front fog lamps now adopt a more circular design. Both grades now come standard with all-new, five-spoke 18-inch alloy rims.


Inside, an all-new instrument panel has been designed, housing a large TFT screen. On start-up it displays a large, easy to read screen detailing a raft of useful data including a digital speedometer.

This is the first time a digital speedo has been included on a HAVAL vehicle and is a direct response to feedback from Australian customers. Other displays include journey time, trip meter, average speed, average and instant fuel usage, driving range and the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

The various operations of the multi-function display centre can be accessed via the steering wheel-mounted rocker switch. The TFT screen is anchored on the left side by a traditional analogue tachometer and analogue temperature and petrol gauges on the right. 

The Ultra H9 comes standard with Comfort-Tek eco-leather seats, while the entry level LUX model comes standard with a durable, comfortable fabric trim. An all-new panoramic sunroof dominates the view in the range-topping Ultra version. Measuring 1178mm x 505mm, it features an easy-to-use dial and comes with a retractable sun blind. The entry level LUX now comes with a standard size sunroof.


A highlight of the MY18 H9 is the addition of a new 8-speed automatic transmission promising improved launch feel, performance, off-road ability and economy. Improvements to the engine in the all-new H9 have seen power from the 2.0-litre turbocharged mill increase 12.5 per cent from 160kW to 180, while torque has increased from 324 Newton-metres to 350.

The upgrades were achieved by increasing the compression ratio from 9.6:1 to 10.0:1. Engineers also improved the fuel atomisation which, in tandem with the increased combustion ratio, has liberated the increased power and torque in the new model. The addition of the ZF 8HP70 transmission has reduced the 0-100km/h sprint to just over 10 seconds, a 20 per cent improvement over the MY15.

Additionally, fuel economy has also improved significantly, dropping 10 per cent to 10.9 litres/100km. This improved fuel figure was also helped by the addition of intelligent stop/start and the adoption of a variable displacement oil pump for reduced power loss.

The award-winning 8-speed automatic transmission has been one of ZF’s most popular and awarded transmissions since launching in 2009. It is particularly well suited to 4x4 applications, with shorter gearing in first and second gear providing excellent crawling capabilities, the mid-speed gears providing strong acceleration and taller top gears helping provide outstanding fuel economy.

The 8HP transmission in the MY18 HAVAL H9 is engineered to help meet current and future CO2 emission specifications, while still providing user-friendly acceleration and launch feel. It is perfectly suited to the new engineering trend for smaller capacity, forced induction engines, such as the 2.0-litre turbocharged motor in the H9. 

The engineers had to re-match the powertrain system to accommodate the new 8HP70, including re-laying the hard points in the sub-frame. This has improved NVH levels and helped deliver a quieter ride to the MY18 model. Overall noise reduction has been measured at 2.0 decibels.

All-Terrain Control System

Both versions of the MY18 H9 now come standard with HAVAL’s proven All-Terrain Control System (ATCS) to enhance off-road performance. ATCS allows customers to choose the on- and off-road setting to suit their environment and offer maximum performance and safety at the turn of a dial.

“The HAVAL H9 ATCS means customers can choose the mode to suit their driving and safely tackle any conditions they may encounter,” said Smith. Utilising a series of complex and powerful algorithms designed by HAVAL’s powertrain engineers, ATCS permits access to six powertrain systems to ensure excellent control.

Auto: The system automatically adapts to any on- or off-road situation and is designed as a select and forget setting.
Sand: The Bosch Generation 9.0 Traction Control System allows higher engine speeds and bigger torque for maximum traction through dry sand.
Snow: Traction is adjusted for the slippery conditions prevalent in snow, utilising the high torque of the turbocharged engine and the technology of the German-engineered ZF 8-speed transmission to start in second gear to minimise slippage and maximise traction.
Mud: Operates like the snow setting, but employs the BorgWarner transfer case to sense slip in one wheel and transfer torque to the appropriate wheel for optimum drive efficiency.
4L: This setting is for the toughest conditions, or when maximum traction is required such as towing through muddy conditions. By engaging the low-range transmission, the torque of the engine is multiplied by a factor of up to 2.48.
Sport: This setting is for enthusiast driving, and ensures the ZF 8-speed transmission holds lower gears for longer before changing up. At speeds below 80 km/h, it locks out the two overdriven gears, making it ideal for urban driving conditions.

“All the technology built into the new MY18 HAVAL H9 means it has the performance to not only get you to some of the toughest environments, but get you back safely,” said Smith. The BorgWarner dual range transfer case is the same as used on the original H9, but has been updated and calibrated specifically for the new ZF 8HP70 transmission, matching the torque spread to the wider range of ratios.


HAVAL’s rugged H9 off-roader is engineered to tap into Australia’s love affair with towing. With its ladder frame chassis and powerful turbocharged engine, the HAVAL H9 can tow a 2500 kg braked trailer. The all-new MY18 H9 offers good towing performance with the new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission boasting low range and teamed with an Eaton locking rear differential.

“Boat owners will welcome the inclusion of a locking rear differential on the LUX model, which can be engaged at the touch of a button. This rigidly locks the two rear axles to provide excellent traction at speeds less than 20 km/h – making it ideal for towing any water craft up the boat ramp,” said Smith.


HAVAL engineers continue to look for new ways to improve the safety performance of all vehicles in the line-up and the new MY18 H9 is no exception. Updates to the latest version include the addition of Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). BSM works to alert the driver to potential hazards whenever changing lanes on freeways or other multi-lane roads.

Statistics from the German Road Safety Council show that 25 per cent of accidents that occur when changing lanes could be prevented by the addition of BSM, which uses radar sensors to monitor the ‘blind spot’ area alongside and behind the car. When another vehicle approaches at speed from behind or is already present in the blind spot, the H9 signals a warning via a flashing amber light mounted in the A-Pillar. 

Should the driver ignore the warning and still activate the turn signal indicating their intention of changing lanes, the system adds a loud audible warning in addition to the flashing lamp. Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) provides visual assistance when reversing out of a parking space at right angles to the road.

Employing two mid-range radar sensors located in the rear of the vehicle, they measure and interpret the distance, speed and anticipated driving path of moving vehicles. When the system detects a vehicle crossing to the left or right behind, it issues an audible warning to alert the driver to the impending risk of collision. The system measures vehicle movement from up to 50 metres away.

While it can never replace the need to turn your head and check, RCTA reduces the stress from reversing out of parking spaces, even with limited visibility. BSM, LDW and RCTA are standard on both versions of the MY18 H9. Standard, also, are a suite of safety features including the latest Bosch ESP, six airbags including full-length side curtain airbags, Hill Descent Control (HDC), Hill Hold Assist Control (HHC), anti-lock braking and brake assist.

In addition, both versions come standard with driver status monitoring system (DSM). DSM continually monitors a series of inputs by the driver and, if it determines the driver is fatigued, sounds an alarm to suggest taking a rest. Every time the H9 is driven, the system continually monitors their control actions including steering wheel inputs and accelerator and brake modulation.

“Studies have shown that fatigue is suspected to be a primary cause in more than 20 per cent of road fatalities,” said Smith. “We know from reports that most fatigue-related accidents occur during normal sleeping hours, and the more severe the crash, the more likely it is that the driver or drivers were fatigued. Fatigue is a likely factor in almost one third of single-vehicle crashes in rural areas.”

Smith said research had revealed that fatigue had a similar effect as blood alcohol content of 0.05 per cent. “Driving while tired or fatigued can result in slower reaction times, reduced concentration, poor judgement and, in many cases, nodding off even for a few seconds with potentially dire consequences.”

Smith said fatigue was not only a problem for long-distance drivers.

“We now know from extensive research that people generally don't become fatigued from driving, but may already be tired when they get behind the wheel. Like every model in the HAVAL line-up, the MY18 H9 comes standard with tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The importance of tyres to road safety cannot be over emphasised,” said Smith. “They are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, so they are fundamental to vehicle dynamics.”

Smith said numerous studies had confirmed maintaining correct tyre pressures was one of the most important factors in car safety. “That’s why the HAVAL safety engineers have made TPMS a standard feature in all of our vehicles.”

When the TPMS detects a problem or abnormal tyre pressure or temperature, the warning indicator in the instrument cluster illuminate. Smith said the potential safety issues with under-inflated tyres included reduced vehicle handling, increased braking distance and a greater chance of a blow-out.

“The HAVAL system does more than increase safety levels; by maintaining the correct tyre pressures owners can see economic benefits with reduced tyre wear and lower fuel consumption."

Both versions of the MY18 H9 feature Xenon High Intensity Discharge headlamps, providing brilliant illumination, combined with outstanding longevity. The Ultra H9 also comes standard with an adaptive front lighting system with electronic levelling that moves the headlights laterally in conjunction with the steering wheel, allowing the car to ‘see around corners’. It also features electronic levelling, which automatically adjusts the lamps when going up or down hills.

When manoeuvring at low speeds, a cornering function automatically switches on the front fog lamp to improve visibility when parking at night.

Two more Chinese brands have achieved the top rating from independent safety authority, ANCAP, with 5 stars awarded to the LDV T60 and Haval H2. The Honda CR-V also scores the top safety rating. “The LDV T60 dual cab enters the Australasian market this week with the 5 star rating it needs to gain sales traction in the highly competitive utility segment,” ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, James Goodwin said.

“This broadens the segment even further with added choice for safety-conscious consumers using their ute for work and weekends. The T60 performed well in our crash tests, although like all light commercial utes currently rated, it lacks autonomous emergency braking,” Goodwin added.

The 5 star rating applies to all 4WD dual cab T60 variants. Haval has also enhanced its appeal to consumers with a 5 star ANCAP safety rating for all variants of the H2 small SUV.

“Haval came close with its large SUV, the H9, which scored 4 stars when rated last year but the H2 improves on that rating, reaching 5 stars through increased levels of occupant protection,” Goodwin said. The 5 star rating for the H2 applies to models sold in Australia from October 2015, and New Zealand from August 2017.

“Customers who have bought or are considering the Honda CR-V which launched earlier this year can be assured of a high level of safety with low injury readings recorded in all physical crash tests,” Goodwin added.

All variants of the CR-V are covered by the 5 star ANCAP safety rating.

China’s SUV manufacturer HAVAL unveiled the new hybrid-powered SUV coupe concept at Auto Shanghai 2017. HAVAL Design Director Pierre Leclercq said the design team was proud to produce an “expressive’ concept vehicle.

“HAVAL remains dedicated to building SUVs and developing different products that meet the different needs of all our customers. Within this palette of vehicles some of them should be more expressive than others and this is certainly the case with the HB-03 concept – the HAVAL Blue 03.”

Leclercq explained the HB-03 was a continuation of the DNA evolution shown in the HB-02 concept at Beijing in 2016, but added that this year the design team wanted to show something that is close to production.

“The HB-03 combines clever hybrid technology together with the pure excitement of a real coupe. It’s very sporty, mature and full of muscle. In profile, it clearly exhibits the centre line of a coupe with very dynamic attitude, but with no compromise on headroom and comfort of rear seat passengers.

“The vehicle features a lot of full surfaces as our form language. There are very sexy sheet metal movements and highly technical details that show the DNA direction for HAVAL. The rear view offers a unique GT-like configuration made by the combination of a very fast greenhouse combined with a small rear deck. A section of that rear deck has been optimised for an ideal downforce and is therefore highly aerodynamic.”

Leclercq said the HB-03 concept was meant to be a bit louder than other vehicles in the range. “We certainly wanted to express this with the interior and its mix of orange leather, carbon and black chrome, which give a unique and sporty character. This shows what customers can expect in the next generation of HAVAL in terms of design, functionality, quality and comfort.

“The interior shows a lot of three dimension effects in the overall theme, starting with an instrument panel that accentuates a horizontal theme. This helps us to integrate air vents that look smaller visually, without losing any functionality.”
Leclercq said the HB-03 concept was true to his philosophy of “simple, but strong”.

“The design expression should never be over explained. The best products speak for themselves. As a designer, I feel fortunate to work for a company that understands the importance of bringing such exciting vehicles to market. HAVAL is proud to design vehicles that are not only meant to transport you from A to B, but inspire you to enjoy looking at when you reach your destination. We want to design more vehicles that create desire and therefore carry out the best expression of our brand image.”

The concept vehicle is powered by the intelligent hybrid unveiled in Beijing in 2016, which delivers more than 200 kilowatts and 450 Newton-metres, while consuming just 2.1 litres of fuel to travel 100 kilometres. Rather than the traditional hybrid design of a separate combustion engine and electric motor, the HAVAL approach combines a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor and transmission.

Linked to a rear-mounted NCM Lithium-ion battery, the high level integrated design delivers dynamic performance and outstanding fuel economy. The HAVAL plug-in hybrid powertrain will offer three distinctive modes for the driver to select from, according to their daily needs. In Pure Electric mode, drive is provided solely by the electric motor. The 95kW/278Nm motor is fuelled by a large 13 kilowatt/hour battery, providing a range of 65 kilometres while producing zero emissions.

In addition, the HAVAL battery can be recharged in about four hours from a standard household power point. The HAVAL system will also offer a Power mode, where drivers get the combined performance of both energy sources. On start-up, the SUV takes advantage of the instant response of the electric motor, with the petrol engine maintaining acceleration. With 450 Newton-metres of torque on tap, the HAVAL plug-in hybrid will accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in around 9 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 210 km/h.

The default mode is Hybrid Drive, which is designed for everyday use. Here, the vehicle will automatically alternate between drawing power from the 1.5-litre direct injection turbocharged engine and the electric motor to deliver the best overall fuel consumption.

HAVAL Design Director Pierre Leclercq has unveiled the next generation of China’s biggest selling SUV, the mid-size H6. The all-new H6 was unveiled at Great Wall’s Million Sales Celebration, held in Baoding earlier this month.

The new H6, which will go on sale in China later this year, represents the first major makeover for the vehicle that was launched in Australia in 2016. It will boast a new petrol engine - a 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol – joining the 2.0-litre turbo petrol carried over from the previous model. Both will be matched to a 7-speed Getrag dual clutch transmission (DCT).  The interior has been completely reworked with a horizontal architecture incorporating technologies including digital instrumentation, a large 12-inch infotainment screen and integrated mobile media interface.

Leclercq said working on the H6 – the fifth-best selling SUV in the world in 2016 – came with big responsibilities.

“The H6 is an extremely important vehicle for us at HAVAL. Replacing a very successful product is always a difficult task. As our best-selling vehicle, it was vital the customer stayed our number one priority during the development of this second generation H6.”

“When you work on a new platform, you have the chance to work on proportions. And proportions are key to the dynamic of the vehicle and its stance on the road. The new H6 is 40mm shorter than today’s H6 and it 40mm wider. Coupled with a front end that is higher than the previous version, it gives the vehicle a much stronger, tougher look. The H6 is a great family SUV. But it doesn’t mean it should be boring or static. We worked hard to achieve a silhouette that is very dynamic.”

Further information about the new HAVAL H6 will be released when the vehicles is launched at Auto Shanghai 2017, which will run from April 19-28.

HAVAL has launched its latest assault on the Australian market with the stunning new HAVAL H6 medium SUV. With one of the most powerful engines in its class, European styling, long list of standard features and razor-sharp pricing, the new HAVAL H6 is on track to lead the company’s sales charge in Australia with a two-model line-up.

HAVAL Australia Chief Marketing Officer Tim Smith said the H6 was the vehicle that would take the company to a new level in Australia.

“The H6 is perfectly positioned to build on the strong foundations we have created in our first year in the market. We now have a competitor that offers a fantastic proposition for Australian customers in the medium SUV segment – one of the biggest in the country. It starts with a powertrain that offers sensational performance to a market that craves performance. With 145kW and 315 Newton-metres, our entry-level H6 offers more than 25 per cent power and more than 50 per cent torque compared with the biggest selling models in the segment.

“All that power comes with a long list of standard features. The Premium redefines the term ‘entry level’, coming standard with 17-inch alloys, dual zone climate control, keyless entry and start, front and rear parking sensors, rearview camera and blind spot monitoring. Move up to the LUX and you get heated Comfort-Tek seating front and rear, a huge panoramic sunroof, 19-inch alloys and adaptive Xenon headlamps.”

Smith said the H6 had already established itself in China, the world’s largest automotive market where it continued to set new records.

“The HAVAL H6 range has sold more than a million units and is consistently the biggest selling SUV in China. In the 2016 calendar year to date, it is the fifth biggest selling SUV in the world.”

The H6 will launch in Australia with a two-model line-up – the entry-level Premium and range-topping LUX. It will launch at a special driveaway price of $29,990 for the Premium and $33,990 for the LUX. The driveaway pricing offer will run until December 31, 2016.

Every HAVAL H6 will come standard with a five-year, 100,000km warranty and five years’roadside assistance.

Fashion-conscious buyers can take advantage of the free two-tone paint/interior offer to celebrate the launch of the stylish new HAVAL H2 premium SUV.

“Australian customers are renowned for their fashion sense and love of individuality and the two-tone paint schemes available on the H2 offers a terrific opportunity to customise their vehicle to suit their taste,” said HAVAL Motors Australia (HMAu) Chief Marketing Officer Tim Smith. “Normally priced at $750, we are offering it as a free option for customers until December 31, 2015.”

The chic lines of the European-inspired small SUV can be ordered in five bold designer two-tone themes.

  • Dragon (red body with black roof)
  • Monochrome (black body with white roof)
  • Thredbo (black body with ivory roof)
  • Salted Caramel (bronze body with white roof) and
  • Latte (bronze body with ivory roof)

It can be teamed with a two-tone interior, with three options available:

  • Black seats with red insert
  • Black seats with grey insert and
  • Black seats with dark tan insert

“The two tone interior trims options are available in both Premium and LUX models, with the Premium version finished in fabric and the LUX in soft-touch Comfort-Tek.”

A sales star in its home country, the HAVAL H2 features a large, U-shape grille that instantly identifies it as a member of the HAVAL premium SUV family. The phoenix-shaped headlamp includes 15 LED crystals – 10 for daytime running lights and five for the high visibility turn signal. The blade-type dual waistlines accentuate the flowing lines of the smallest member of the HAVAL line-up and deliver a streamlined side profile. The long list of standard creature comforts include keyless entry and start, cruise control, Bluetooth with audio streaming, reversing camera with rear parking sensors and an eight inch touch screen.

Under the bonnet rests a turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine with dual VVT producing 110 kW of power and 210 Nm of torque, matched to a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. Standard safety features include six airbags, ESP, active headrests and a tyre pressure monitoring system. RRP starts at $26,490 for the Premium 4x2 manual.

Australia’s newest automotive brand will launch with three premium SUVs – the H2, H8 and H9.

“We are very excited to be launching our range of premium SUVs into Australia,” said HAVAL Motors Australia Managing Director Parker Shi. “Australia is a country where SUVs sales have doubled in the past five years. We are confident our combination of quality product and outstanding value for money will prove popular with Australian customers,” Shi said.


The range begins with the stylish HAVAL H2. An urban SUV, the H2 can be customised with an assortment of two-tone paint and two-tone interior finishes. A sales star in its home country, the HAVAL H2 boasts European styling that is fashionable, sporty and highly appealing. The H2 features a large, U-shape grille that instantly identifies it as a member of the HAVAL premium SUV family. The phoenix-shaped headlamp includes 15 LED crystals – 10 for daytime running lights and five for the high visibility turn signal. The blade-type dual waistlines accentuate the flowing lines of the smallest member of the HAVAL line-up and deliver a streamlined side profile.

A variety of interior choices – including three two-tone options – are available in cloth or Comfort-Tek premium eco-leather.  The long list of standard creature comforts include keyless entry and start, cruise control, Bluetooth with audio streaming, reversing camera with rear parking sensors and an eight inch touch screen. Under the bonnet rests a turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine with dual VVT producing 110 kW of power and 210 Nm of torque, matched to a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. Standard safety features include six airbags, ESP, active headrests and a tyre pressure monitoring system.


The H8 is HAVAL’s premium large urban SUV. With its elegant lines, turbocharged performance and high levels of interior comfort and outstanding refinement levels, the H8 is destined to become a favourite with Australian families. Boasting a sophisticated dual wishbone independent front suspension and multi-link independent rear suspension, the H8 delivers a smooth, comfortable ride on all surfaces. The 2.0-litre direct injection turbocharged engine drives the rear wheels by default through a six-speed ZF automatic transmission, while a Borg-Warner transfer case automatically detects wheel slip and can direct the drive to the front wheels in a 50:50 split.

Standard features include seats covered in the finest Australian leather, sunroof, alloy wheels, Xenon headlamps, satellite navigation, three-zone air conditioning and parking sensors front and rear. Safety features include six airbags, ESP, Hill Descent Control, driver condition monitoring and reversing camera. Optional features on the range-topping LUX model include heated, ventilated and massaging seats, adaptive front headlamps and an electronic tailgate.


The H9 tops out the HAVAL range. With its tough construction, seven seats, rugged ladder frame chassis and dual range powertrain the H9 is perfect for off-road adventure-loving families. The H9 uses the same 2.0-litre turbocharged engine found in the H8, which produces 160 kW and 324 Nm. In addition to the ZF six-speed transmission, the H9 comes complete with a dual range transfer case. The LUX model boasts an electronic all terrain control system, with a Borg Warner torque on demand intelligent 4WD system, including a 4L mode for maximum traction. The H9 also comes with AFS smart lighting, which automatically curves around corners and adjusts the Xenon headlamps up and down when ascending or descending.

With 1457 litres of carrying capacity and seven seats, the H9 will set a new standard for premium family SUVs in Australia.