The updated MY19 Ford Ranger will go on sale in September 2018 with a raft of focused improvements that build on Ranger’s renowned off-road capability and on-road versatility. With upgrades across the line-up, Ranger also brings new technology including Inter- Urban Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Vehicle Detection and Pedestrian Detectionas standard on Ranger Wildtrak and optional as part of a Technology Pack on Ranger XLT, as well as Ford’s new five-year unlimited kilometre warranty.

The MY19 Ranger offers new or standardised equipment over its predecessor, for improved convenience, safety and refinement. “We know that Australians in this segment are looking for value for money with genuine, real-world capability,” said Graeme Whickman, President and CEO Ford Australia. “The MY19 Ranger delivers greater capability and improvements across the lineup from suspension upgrades to Autonomous Emergency Breaking.”

While high on technology and capability, the MY19 will also benefit from an industry leading five-year, unlimited kilometre factory warranty offered at all Ford Dealerships across Australia. Importantly, Ranger’s five-year warranty is available to all buyer types, with no exclusions or qualifications. Ranger also brings a complete cost- of-ownership transparency with Ford’s Service Price Promise and Loan Car Program and Ranger models with SYNC 3iii may receive complementary map updates for up to seven years when they complete a scheduled service at a participating dealer. Additonal benefits include Ford’s Low Price Tyre guarantee, which can also be taken advantage of at participating Ford Dealerships, means that Ranger customers can shop for new tyres with confidence at their local dealer.

MY19 Ford Ranger XL Series

The Ranger XL is the affordable, dependent workhorse made even more capable thanks to its targeted upgrades that focus on usability, livability and capability. XL benefits from the introduction of an easy-lift tailgate on all pick-up models. With a new internal mechanism, the XL’s tailgate is now lighter to lift, with a 70-per cent reduction in initial force required to raise it for closing. Not only does this mechanism require less effort to lift, it also means that it’s easier to lower.

Ranger’s suspension has also been upgraded across the range to reduce and better control roll, with an emphasis on improving the driving experience when fully-laden and towing.

Offered in single-, super- and double-cab body styles, Ranger XL brings the flexibility and toughness of Ranger’s ladder-frame chassis and Australian-led engineering and design in both 4x2 and 4x4 powertrains.

Standard equipment on MY19 Ford Ranger XL:

Ranger XL Powertrain options:

  • 2.2L TDCi 6AT/6MT 118kW/385Nm
  • 3.2L TDCi 6AT/6MT 147kW/470Nm

Ranger XL Exterior features:

  • Easy-lift tailgate (pick-up only) (new to XL)
  • Upgraded suspension (new to XL)
  • Full-colour Rear-view camera (pick-up only)
  • Rear parking sensors (pick-up only) (new to XL)
  • 16-inch steel wheels
  • Inner tie-downs (pick-up only)
  • Load-rest (pick-up only)

The first-ever Ranger Raptor, Ford’s latest off-road, performance pick-up truck, blasted out from behind its camouflage during a reveal event in Thailand.

The ultimate Ranger is purposefully designed, built and tested to set a benchmark as the only factory-built performance truck across Asia Pacific. Designed by Ford Performance team for the true enthusiast off-roader, Ford Ranger Raptor strengthens Ford’s commitment to deliver high performance pickup trucks to our customers.

“We are so excited and proud to unleash this vehicle to the public, driving it really makes you feel like a hero,” said Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer, Ford Performance. “The Ford Performance team is excited to extend the Raptor name from our flagship off-road performance F-150 to Ranger. Just like the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger Raptor builds upon the core capability of the range of vehicles it comes from and carries the unmistakable Ford Performance DNA appearance.”

Bold Design

The Ranger Raptor features distinctive design cues inside and out that are functionally driven. At the front, a stunning new grille takes styling cues from the world’s first factory-built high performance off road truck, the F-150 Raptor. The iconic block FORD lettering proudly positioned within the grille design is unmistakable when emerging from a dust cloud.

A frame mounted front-bumper system is designed to offer desert durability performance and a distinctive presence. The front bumper also includes new LED fog lamps with functional air-curtain ducts, which help to reduce air resistance of the body.

Using composite materials, the front fenders not only look tough, but resist dents and dings often associated with off-road usage. The flared shape of the fenders are required for the long travel suspension and oversized tires. The exterior color palate offerings include Lightning Blue, Race Red, Shadow Black, Frozen White, as well as a unique Hero color for the Ranger Raptor, Conquer Grey. Contrasting Dyno Grey accents helps to accentuate the vehicle’s look even further.

Vehicle stance is noticeably bigger from every angle, standing at an impressive 1873mm tall, 2180mm wide and 5398mm long, with wider front and rear tracks at 1710mm. Ground clearance is increased to 283mm, while the approach angle of 32.5°, ramp over angle of 24°, and departure angle of 24° as a package are superior to anything seen before.

Starting from the ground up, the side steps are a cut above the rest. The step boards were designed specifically to prevent rock spray from hitting the rear of the truck and the holes have been designed to drain sand, mud and snow. The tough high-strength aluminium alloy die-cast main step board is designed for durability, undergoing testing which includes a load of 100kg being applied 84,000 times to simulate over 10 years in the field. A two-stage coating process involves the main step board firstly being powder-coated, before then having a robust grit-paint applied which results in a tough appearance that is also highly durable – scuff, scratch, stain-resistant with superior resistance to environmental weathering.

At the rear, a modified rear bumper comes with an integrated tow bar and two recovery hooks rated at 3.8 tonnes. Updated styling to the rear includes flush sensor bezels and specially packaged and styled tow connectors. Providing an abundance of space, the 1560mm x 1743mm tray has been designed with the weekend explorer in mind, while the 2500kg towing capacity also accounts for dirt bikes or jet-skis, as well as traditional work needs during the week.

Inside, Ranger Raptor offers a tailored Ford Performance DNA interior design with a high level of craftsmanship, harmonious colours and durable materials suitable for both off-road driving and everyday use. The seats are specially designed for off-road high speed performance support, allowing the driver to engage in enthusiastic handling, while also providing superior on-road comfort. The use of technical suede on the seats for additional occupant grip shows the practicality behind the material choice.

Multiple long-distance drive events were staged to gauge just how the seats perform over an extended period of time, both on highways and off-road tracks to simulate customer usage. The dual hardness cushion ticked all the boxes, providing superior lateral support and reduced feel of any chassis vibration. This is achieved by a modified structure, using bolsters on the seat back for greater support.

When getting behind the wheel, Ranger Raptor drivers will notice the detailed cockpit differences everywhere they look, including the blue stitching and leather accents. The cluster has aggressive styling, encompassing a host of Driver Assist features. The steering wheel is distinctively different; new Raptor DNA lightweight magnesium paddle shifters for crisp gear changing are easily accessible near the perforated leather hand grip sections on the rim for precision off-road shifting when you really need it.

Ford Performance DNA has played a significant role in the purposeful styling, including the ‘On-centre’ marker – a red stripe at the top-middle of the wheel to let you know where the centre is when operating the vehicle at high speed. The steering wheel is finished off with the Raptor logo debossed into the spoke bezel.

Chassis, Brakes and Suspension

The Ranger Raptor’s chassis frame is a unique frame that is designed for the vehicle to travel at high speeds off road and endure the punishment that off road racing provides. Ranger Raptor’s innovative new coilover rear suspension uses a Watt’s link setup with solid rear axle to provide superior lateral control off-road while also helping improve ride and handling.

The frame design incorporates new geometry for the large suspension, providing the Raptor DNA increased track and wheel travel. Built to withstand high-impact off-road events, Ranger Raptor’s frame consists of various grades of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel. The stiffened side-rails are made from increased HSLA grade steel to absorb off-road high speed impacts.

The front accommodates strengthened protruding shock absorber towers, while a new bespoke coilover rear suspension with an integrated Watt’s linkage allows the axle to move up and down with very little lateral movement. Two recovery hooks rated at 4.5 tonnes can be found at the front, plus reinforced spare tyre mounting cross-members for the larger 17-inch Raptor rims.

The braking system on the Ranger Raptor offers extreme stopping power through new and bespoke components. At the front, twin-piston calipers have been increased by 9.5mm in diameter, while the ventilated rotors are an impressive 332 x 32mm in size. At the rear, Ranger Raptor comes with disc brakes with a brake actuation master cylinder and booster to increase braking performance. The 332 x 24mm rear rotor is ventilated and coupled with a new 54mm caliper.

“The standout experience of the Ranger Raptor, hands down, is how far you can push it off-road versus any other available production road vehicle in our markets, and still ride like a millionaire on-road,” said Damien Ross, Chief Program Engineer, Ranger Raptor, Ford Motor Company.

“Everything about the Ranger Raptor builds on the already outstanding sophisticated feel and functional capability of the Ranger, and then goes further. From a driving dynamic fun standpoint, it is really an exceptionally special vehicle.”

Raptor’s race-bred suspension has been specifically crafted to tackle undulating terrain at high-speed while remaining in complete control and comfort. The Position Sensitive Damping (PSD) shock absorbers (dampers) provide higher damping forces at full jounce and rebound to enable better off-road capabilities, and lower damping forces in the mid-travel zone for a class leading plush ride during on-road trips. These settings are truly calibrated for the best of both worlds.

The dampers are exclusively manufactured by Fox Racing Shox with 46.6mm piston for front and rear. Designed for off-road endurance terrain, the dampers, coupled with the long travel suspension, allow for an unsurpassed damping performance off-road and a plushest of rides on-road thanks to Internal Bypass technology.

Holding them in place are the forged aluminium upper arms and cast aluminium lower arms to facilitate greater suspension travel and optimized for performance and extreme off-road durability.

Hit the Beaten Track

Given the unforgiving terrain Ranger Raptor has been developed for, it needed an aggressive set of tyres to keep it stable on and off-road. All-terrain BF Goodrich 285/70 R17 tyres have been specially developed for the Ranger Raptor. Holding a strong presence, each tyre measures 838mm in diameter and 285mm in width. The design offers a tough sidewall to take on all environments with confidence, a super grippy tread to extend owners’ adventure time on and off-road and an aggressive off-road tread pattern which provides grip in wet, mud, sand and snow conditions.

Ranger Raptor also comes with unique underbody protection to deflect off-road obstacles. The new bash plate is made from 2.3mm thick high-strength steel and meets enhanced capabilities for strength inline with Ford Performance requirements. The silver finished guard allows clearance to the dual front recovery hooks. Working together with the existing engine and transfer case undershields, the three elements provide protection to components such as the radiator, Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS), Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD), front cross-member, engine sump and front differential.

Tuned for all Terrains

Ranger Raptor comes with a Terrain Management System (TMS) offering six modes for various driving experiences, which can be selected via a dedicated five-button switch located on the steering wheel. Each mode has been calibrated to offer the best possible combination of technologies working in unison to tackle the chosen terrain or driving style with aplomb. These include:

On-road modes

  • Normal mode – Emphasising comfort, fuel economy and driveability
  • Sport mode – Responsive for spirited on-road driving. This means fast, crisp gear shifts at higher engine speeds to aid throttle response. The mapping reacts to increased demand inputs from the driver by holding gears longer and downshifting more aggressively.

Off-road modes

  • Grass/Gravel/Snow mode – Designed to inspire safe and confident driving on off-road slippery and uneven surfaces. This is done through smoother gear shifts and second-gear starts, minimizing the probability of wheel slip.
  • Mud/Sand mode – Vehicle responsiveness is tuned for optimum traction and momentum in deep, deformable surfaces like loose sand and mud. This is achieved by maintaining lower gears with high torque.
  • Rock mode – Used specifically for low-speed rocky terrain where smooth controllability is key.
  • Baja mode – Vehicle responsiveness is tuned for high-speed off-road performance, just like drivers need in the famous Baja Desert Rally. In this mode, vehicle systems like Traction Control are pared back in terms of intervention to allow spirited off-road driving without fighting the vehicle’s on-board systems. Gear selection is optimized for maximum performance, and the mapping will hold gears longer and downshift more aggressively.

Power to Move You

The Ranger Raptor powertrain features cutting edge technology to offer more power and torque, better fuel economy, less weight and with off-road specific calibrations for engine, transmission, driveline, steering, brakes and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. In a revolutionary move to deliver incredible performance and responsiveness, a 10-Speed transmission is combined with a new 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel engine in the Ranger Raptor to deliver a maximum of 213PS (157kW) of power and 500Nm of torque.

Ford engineers have tested the new powertrain extensively in order to prove out durability.

This testing includes running a ‘thermo cycle’ on the engine, heating both turbos to the point of glowing red for 200 hours non-stop. It can withstand this torture thanks to the turbo bearings and low-pressure (LP) turbo being water cooled to reduce temperature, avoid over-heating and protect the air induction components.

Working as a team, the smaller, high-pressure (HP) turbo is connected in a sequence to the larger, LP turbo and is controlled with by-pass valves that determine the operating mode depending on engine speed. At lower engine speeds, the two turbos work in series, enhancing torque and responsiveness, while at higher engine speeds, the small HP turbo is bypassed, and the higher LP turbo provides boost to deliver more power.

The Ford-designed and Ford-built 10-speed automatic transmission is shared with the F-150 Raptor and has been created with high-strength steel, aluminium alloys and composites to optimize durability and weight. Having 10 gears means a wider ratio-span resulting in better acceleration and responsiveness. With more room to optimize gear spacing, engineers could customize gear progression far more efficiently than before, providing more accurate – and quicker – upshift and downshift capability.

The all-new electronic system features real-time adaptive shift-scheduling algorithms engineered to help ensure the right gear is selected at the right time. A unique transmission calibration also includes a ‘Live in Drive’ function, meaning that the paddle shifters are always available for manual gear selection override.

Practical Technology at Hand

Ranger Raptor comes with a host of advanced Driver Assist Technologies (DATs) at the push of a button which are not just cutting edge, but genuinely practical for everyday use.

Leading the way in connectivity, SYNCÒ 3 is a fully integrated, voice activation system that lets the driver use their favourite devices while their hands stay on the wheel and eyes on the road. The Satellite Navigation System comes into its own when off-roading in remote areas, even offering a ‘breadcrumb’ feature to leave a trail when entering unchartered areas – perfect for the serious off-roader.

High levels of active and passive safety have been designed-in from the outset, including the improved Ford Stability Control incorporating Roll Mitigation Function. Ford’s comprehensive Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system is also there to help in difficult cornering and braking situations. The impressive technology suite includes Trailer Sway Control (TSC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Load Adaptive Control (LAC).

The rear view camera displayed on the eight-inch colour LCD screen matched with the rear parking sensors gives drivers the utmost confidence when parking anywhere.

For convenient access, an EZ Lift Tailgate uses a new rod assembly to give the owner a 66 per cent reduction in initial lift force. Intelligent Access, also known as passive entry, allows the owner to unlock, lock and start the vehicle without having to reach for their keys. Using a radio frequency signal, the key fob allows the owner to start the vehicle with a press of a button, and is able to activate central locking for the doors and the tailgate. In the case of a depleted battery, a mechanical key blade is incorporated into the fob design.

An Exhilarating Driving Experience

Inheriting vital capability from the truly successful Ranger and complementing that with DNA from the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger Raptor is set to turn heads throughout Australia and around the world.

“It is amazing to enable this level of performance and create a vehicle that can provide off-road enthusiasts such an adrenaline rush,” said Hameedi. “It really is like a motocross bike, snowmobile and an ATV rolled up into a pickup truck – it’s an incredible, awesome experience!”

The Ford Ranger Raptor will be produced in Ford Thailand Manufacturing (FTM) using Ford’s latest state of the art manufacturing techniques and facilities.

New Year’s may have come and gone but Ford Australia is giving customers reason to celebrate with the introduction of the Ranger FX4, the first XLT based Special Edition for PX Ranger MkII.

Building on the success of the Ranger XLS Special Edition, the Ranger FX4 is designed for customers looking for a bit more attitude from one of Australia’s favourite vehicles. Australian teams led the design and engineering of Ranger and its popularity continues to grow with 36,934 Rangers sold in Australia throughout 2016, a year-on-year increase of more than 26-per cent.

“The Ranger FX4 makes a great pick-up even more extraordinary with its unique style and boldness, and that’s a difficult thing to do with a vehicle that has just won back-to-back Drive

Best Ute awards in 2015 and 2016’, said Graeme Whickman, President and CEO, Ford Australia.

‘We developed the Ranger FX4 for our customers that are a bit bolder than most and make use of the towing and payload capabilities of the Ranger XLT,’ added Whickman.

Turn Heads with the Bold, Tough and Capable FX4:

The Ranger FX4 adds the following features to the standard Ranger XLT:

  • Larger, Stark Grey Alloy Wheels (18-inch) with New Unique Design
  • Black Roof Rails
  • Black Bonnet and Tailgate Decal Wraps
  • Side Decals with ‘FX4’ Branding
  • Black Sports Bar, Rear Bumper, Side Steps and Door Handles
  • Black Grille (with Unique Design), Fog Lamp Bezels, Exterior Mirrors and Fender Features
  • Leather Accented ‘FX4’ Branded Seats
  • Front and Rear Carpet Mats
  • Black Interior Highlights

The Ranger FX4 is available exclusively in Frozen White, Ingot Silver2, Magnetic2and Shadow Black2 exterior colours.

Stunning Looks at an Outstanding Price:

The Manufacturer’s List Price of the Ford Ranger FX4 is:

Model Name XLT MLP* Ranger FX4 MLP* Difference
4x4 XLT Double Pick-up 3.2L MT      $55,415 $58,915 $3,500
4x4 XLT Double Pick-up 3.2L AT      $57,615 $61,115 $3,500

*Recommended Manufacturer's List Price only. Price shown includes GST but excludes Dealer delivery fee and statutory charges. The selling price of any vehicle is at the discretion of the selling Dealer.

Beauty and Brains:

Ranger FX4 has the looks and, thanks to SYNC®3,1 the brains to match. SYNC®3 is Ford’s latest in-vehicle communications and entertainment platform that features Apple CarPlay,3 Android Auto3, faster performance, more conversational voice recognition, intuitive smartphone-like touchscreen and an improved graphic user interface.

SYNC 3 highlights:

  • New ‘Home’ screen with clearer layout and large icons for quicker access to functions including audio system, climate control, smartphone (including compatible apps) and satellite navigation (where fitted).
  • New 8.0-inch touchscreen with capacitive touch technology allows ‘pinch and swipe’ capability on select features (similar to a smartphone or tablet).
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration includes ability to access Apple Siri4 and Google Now5 (with compatible device).
  • Compatible apps include Spotify6, Pandora7 and Google Maps8.
  • More customisable and easier-to-navigate settings and user preferences.

Going Further for Australia and Australian Customers

The launch of the Ranger FX4 is the latest example of how Ford is going further for its Australian customers as it continues to introduce 20 new or updated models by 2020. Ranger and Everest are the centerpieces of Ford’s $2 billion investment in R&D in Australia since 2009, with a further $450 million to be invested in R&D in 2017, following the opening of the Asia-Pacific Product Development Centre at Broadmeadows, Victoria, last December.

Ford Australia is home to 1100 engineers and designers, with the company set to become the largest auto employer in the nation after 2017.

  1. Not all SYNC® 3 features are compatible with all phones. For compatibility, see
  2. This is a prestige paint option that that incurs an additional charge.
  3. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Both require phones with compatible versions of Apple iOS and Android™ (respectively), active data service and genuine USB cable (available separately). Message and data rates may apply.
  4. Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc. Siri is not supported on all phones. May require additional data services and equipment.
  5. Google Now is a trademark of Google Inc.

  6. Requires phone compatible with Spotify app, additional data services and equipment.
  7. PANDORA, the PANDORA logo, and the Pandora trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc.

  8. Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc.

SYNC® does not control Apple CarPlay or Android Auto while in use; Apple Inc and Android™ (respectively) are responsible for their functionality. Warning: Local laws prohibit some or all of the text messaging functions while driving. Check your local road rules before using these functions.

Ford is boosting one of the industry’s hottest models by launching the new Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition in September as the Ranger 4x4 already has seen sales rise nearly 40 per cent compared to the same time last year while taking more than 21 per cent of the 4x4 pick-up segment and again beating Hilux 4x4 in monthly sales during July.

The Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition offers unsurpassed 3500kg towing capacity^^, rear view camera and rear parking sensors and builds on the critical acclaim Ranger has recently enjoyed, with the Ford Ranger XLT awarded Drive Best Ute 2015, CarSales Best Tradie Vehicle 2015 and CarSales Best Offroad 4x4 2015.

“Already considered one of the most capable and desirable pick-up trucks on the market, we expect the Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition will help us narrow the gap to Toyota even further, with Ranger 4x4 now only 172 units behind the Hilux 4x4 year-to-date,” said Graeme Whickman, CEO and President, Ford of Australia.

Ranger was designed and engineered in Australia, and the addition of the Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition demonstrates how Ford’s commitment to local customers extends beyond the billions invested in local R&D as Ford Australia continues to deliver 20 new or updated vehicles by 2020.

Introducing the Ford Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition:

The Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition is based on the 4x4 XLS Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L and adds more than $4,900^ of Ford Genuine Factory-Fitted Accessories, including:

  • Sports bar to give the Special Edition more visual attitude
  • Genuine Ford tow-bar that enables Ranger’s 3500kg towing capability
  • Side steps that help entry and egress, as well as bolstering the Ranger’s rugged looks
  • Bed and tailgate liner that adds to the practicality and usefulness of the Ranger’s expansive tray area and load capability

The Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition in both manual and automatic will be available from 2017MY production beginning August 1, 2016.

More content and exceptional recommended drive away offers
The recommended Drive Away Offers on the Ranger 4x4 XLS Special Edition:

Model Name


XLS Special


4x4 XLS Double Pick-up 3.2L MT




4x4 XLS Double Pick-up 3.2L AT




* Recommended Drive Away Offers only. The selling price of any vehicle is at the discretion of the selling Dealer.
# 4x4 XLS Double Pick-up 3.2L 2017 MY arriving September.

Standard new technologies are set to make the Australian-developed 2017 Ford Ranger even more compelling as the four-wheel-drive model has pulled within 310 units of Hilux 4X4 in year-to-date sales.

The standard features include rear view camera and reverse parking sensors across the entire 2017 Ranger pick-up range (excluding XL Plus), front parking sensors on XLT, SYNC 3 for XLT and Wildtrak models, a suite of driver assist technologies for Wildtrak and an automatic transmission for the 4X4 XL Super Cab Chassis with 3.2-litre engine.

“Standard new features such as rear view camera and SYNC 3 will help our customers get more done at work while staying better connected to their lives,” said Graeme Whickman, CEO and President, Ford of Australia. “These innovations combined with Ranger’s unsurpassed towing and hauling capability will help continue Ranger’s momentum as we continue closing the gap on Hilux. In particular, Australians are being drawn especially to the XLT and Wildtrak variants, which now account for 62 per cent of all Ranger’s sold this year, up from 51 per cent in 2014.”

Designed and engineered in Australia, the Ranger updates illustrate how Ford’s local R&D investment of nearly $2 billion over the past six years continues delivering more innovations to make consumers’ lives easier and better.

Standard tech:
The 2017 Ranger will see the introduction of the following new features as standard:

XL (Excluding XL Plus)

  • Rear view camera (pick-up models only)
  • Rear parking sensors (pick-up models only)
  • Automatic transmission for 4X4 XL Super Cab Chassis 3.2L (previously available as manual only)


  • Rear view camera
  • Rear parking sensors
  • 2nd key fob


  • SYNC 3^ with Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM#
  • Rear view camera
  • Front parking sensors
  • Black fog lamp bezel


  • SYNC 3^ with Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM#
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Alert, Driver Impairment Monitor, automatic high beam control, Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning

All Variants

  • The 2017 Ranger will feature a minor powertrain upgrade to meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

SYNC 3 highlights:
SYNC 3 is Ford’s new in-vehicle communications and entertainment platform that features faster performance, more conversational voice recognition, intuitive smartphone-like touchscreen and an improved graphic interface over the current SYNC 2. It incorporates the best features of the outgoing system but includes new technologies designed to help customers stay better connected.

Highlights of SYNC 3 include:

  • New ‘Home’ screen with clearer layout and large icons for quicker access to functions including audio system, climate control, smartphone (including compatible apps) and satellite navigation (where fitted)
  • Upgraded 8” touchscreen with capacitive touch technology allows ‘pinch and swipe’ capability on select features (similar to a smartphone or tablet)
  • Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM integration includes ability to access Apple Siri and Google Now#
  • Compatible apps include Spotify, Pandora, Google Maps+
  • More customisable and easier-to-navigate settings and user preferences

SYNC 3 will replace the current SYNC 2 infotainment system on 2017MY PX Ranger MkII XLT and Wildtrak.

Other product updates:
Exterior prestige paint colour changes, effective from July 2016:

  • ‘Jet Black’ replaces ‘Black Mica’
  • ‘Meteor Grey’ replaces ‘Metropolitan Grey’

Going Further for Australia and Australian Customers:
The 2017 Ranger builds upon the enviable response Ranger has enjoyed since its introduction, with the vehicle awarded numerous accolades including Ford Ranger XLT taking out Drive’s Best Ute 2015, Carsales Best Tradie Vehicle 2015 and Carsales Best Offroad 4X4 2015.

Ranger’s development demonstrates how local innovation and high-tech design continues to be expanded locally through Ford’s extensive product development operations. Ford is home to 1100 innovative engineers and designers, with the company set to become the largest auto employer in the nation after 2017.

^Not all SYNC™features are supported on all phones and/or require additional data services and equipment.
#Local laws may prohibit the use of this function. Apple CarPlay and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries. Android Auto is a trademark of Google Inc.
+ Local laws may prohibit the use of this function. PANDORA, the PANDORA logo, and the Pandora trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc.

Ford has announced recommended pricing for the broad-ranging 2015 PX Ranger MkII 4x2 and 4x4 lineup. Customers will be able to choose between 37 different variants – 11 4x2 variants and 26 4x4 variants – in the PX Ranger MkII lineup. The range entry 4x2 XL Single Cab Chassis 2.2-litre TDCi manual transmission is available at a Manufacturer’s List Price (MLP) of $27,390* and the capable six-speed manual XLT at $54,390*. The range tops out at the impressive 4x4 Wildtrak Double Cab Pick-up 3.2-litre TDCi six-speed automatic at $60,090* (MLP). The 2015 series range includes XL, XL Plus, XLS, XLT and Wildtrak.

The PX Ranger MkII range also features a suite of safety and driver assist aides that are not currently available in a Toyota HiLux. The Ford PX Ranger MkII will also have a higher maximum payload than the current Hilux. “Apart from providing an extensive range of 4x2 and 4x4 models for just about any application, customers also have access to a range of advanced driver assist technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control + Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist, making the PX Ranger MkII a very smart choice,” Ford President and CEO Graeme Whickman said. “This level of technology was previously only seen on luxury European cars.

“PX Ranger MkII customers have the power of choice; from a 2.2-litre XL workhorse, right up to the popular 3.2-litre TDCi XLT series and premium 3.2-litre TDCi Wildtrak, which our customers love because it effortlessly combines week-day duties with the ability to become a versatile weekend leisure vehicle.”

With car-like levels of comfort and refinement, combined with the host of smart technologies, including SYNC connectivity, the 2015 Ranger is also very capable. PX Ranger MkII 4x4 models continue with an electronic ‘shift-on-the-fly’ four-wheel drive system between high-ratio two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive on the move, electronic locking rear differential (available on selected models) Hill Descent Control and 3,500 kg towing capacity#. With an unsurpassed 800 mm water wading ability** in the Pick-up segment too, on 4x2 Hi-Rider and 4x4 models, this means Ranger can go just that little bit further. The award-winning Ranger is well proven in the Australian marketplace, having just taken out Delivery magazine’s 2015 Ute of the Year against seven competitors. Delivery magazine judges hailed the Ranger for its features, powerful 3.2-litre TDCi engine and driveability.

Visually the 2015 PX Ranger MkII gains a refreshed, contemporary exterior while inside the cabin is even more car-like and inviting. Among these features available within the 2015 PX Ranger MkII range are: Adaptive Cruise Control + Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist, Emergency Assistance, SYNC connectivity, WiFi hotspot, Hill Launch Assist, Hill Descent Control, Trailer Sway Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, cooled centre console, Dual Zone Climate Control and heated front seats.

The PX Ranger MkII range also comes with a wealth of new standard features, the most notable of which include:

  • SYNC2 with a high-resolution 8-inch touchscreen (XLT and Wildtrak)
  • Navigation with Traffic Management Channel (XLT and Wildtrak)
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS)
  • Adjustable Speed Limiter
  • Cable shift manual transmission
  • Auto Stop/Start on manual transmission (4x2 Hi-Rider and 4x4 models)
  • 230V Inverter (Double and Super Cab models)
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (XLT and Wildtrak)
  • Projector headlamps (XLT and Wildtrak)
  • Rear box illumination (when Sports Bar equipped)
  • Dual colour 4.2” instrumentation screens (XLT and Wildtrak)

Emergency Assistance, which is standard across the range, is designed to deliver critical information directly to 000 operators, indicating that a Ford vehicle has been involved in an accident advising the vehicle’s GPS location before opening the line for hands-free communication with the vehicle occupants. For 2015 XLT and Wildtrak customers will be able to option a Tech Pack, which features a reverse camera (standard on Wildtrak), Adaptive Cruise Control (including Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist and Driver Impairment Monitor). The Tech Pack is $1,100^ on the XLT and $600^ on the Wildtrak.

Australia’s Product Development and Broadmeadows-based Design Centre took the lead in the design and development of the refreshed 2015 PX Ranger MkII. The acclaimed Pick-up is now sold in more than 180 countries.

Retail Pricing

The recommended Manufacturer List Prices (MLP)* for Ford Ranger and available options:




Recommended (MLP)*


XL Single Cab Chassis 2.2L




XL Single Cab Chassis 2.2L Hi Rider




XL Single Cab Chassis 2.2L Hi Rider




XL Single Cab Pick-up 2.2L




XL Super Cab Chassis 2.2L Hi-Rider




XLT Super Cab Pick-up 3.2L Hi-Rider




XL Double Cab Chassis 2.2L Hi-Rider




XL Double Cab Pick-up 2.2L Hi-Rider




XL Double Cab Pick-up 2.2L Hi-Rider




XLT Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L Hi-Rider




XLT Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L Hi-Rider




XL Single Cab Chassis 2.2L




XL Single Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Single Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Plus Single Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Super Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Super Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XLT Super Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XLT Super Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XL Double Cab Chassis 2.2L




XL Double Cab Chassis 2.2L




XL Double Cab Pick-up 2.2L




XL Double Cab Pick-up 2.2L




XL Double Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Double Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Plus Double Cab Chassis 3.2L




XL Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XL Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XL Plus Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XLS Double Cab Pick-up 2.2L




XLS Double Cab Pick-up 2.2L




XLS Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XLS Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XLT Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




XLT Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




Wildtrak Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




Wildtrak Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L




Recommended MLP (incl GST/LCT)^  

Automatic Transmission


Prestige Paint


Steel Bull Bar (XL Plus only)


Tech Pack – XLT 
· Reverse Camera 
· Adaptive Cruise Control (including Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Impairment Monitor)


Tech Pack – Wildtrak 
· Adaptive Cruise Control (including Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Impairment Monitor)


*This is the Manufacturer’s List Price for the vehicle only. Prices shown include GST/LCT. A number of other components, including a dealer delivery fee, stamp duty, registration, compulsory third party insurance and other statutory charges may be payable by a customer in relation to the purchase of this vehicle. The final transaction price will be as negotiated by the customer with their chosen Dealer.
^Recommended MLP only including GST and LCT. As always, the offer price of any vehicle is entirely at the discretion of the Dealer. Prices shown exclude Dealer delivery and statutory charges.
# Using genuine equipment and subject to State and Territory regulations.
** Maintaining a steady speed of 7km/h